Thursday, April 17, 2008

WW Results

We had a record turnout last night with 11 golfers. That makes me feel great and I can't wait to see the numbers go up starting next week when we start a little later at 5:30.

John, Arty, Mike, Pete, Matt, Donnie

This week's scores were much better than the past few weeks, maybe because it was the first beautiful day in a long long time. We played straight-up singles for tags and everyone seemed to like it that way.

There's currently some hubbub about the official results and a potential scoring error, so I'll hold off listing them until we straighten it out.

Until then, enjoy these goofy pictures...

Pete twirls "gracefully" off teepad 3

Matt shows some style on his drive off 3

After a great drive on 13, Donnie goes for the long deuce

Mike C putts on 15

We also bumped into Joe A and his wife, as well as Nut, his son, and some of their neighbors. The place was hopping!

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