Thursday, April 03, 2008

WW Results

Six of us showed up for the first Wednesday Weekly. Since it was the first week and we had a few stragglers, we made two threesomes:
  • Dave (#1), Pete (#3), and me (#10)
  • Donnie (#2), Luke (#4) and Jimbo (#6).

Dave, Donnie, Luke, Jim

Here's Jim's recount:
Six of us battled the wind blown hill: Dave James kept his #1, JoBo beat Pete for the 3 spot by a stroke (71 over a 72 ... three cheers!! (or jeers?)); Donny kept his #2 three strokes away from me and I exchanged my #6 tag for Luke's #4 by a stroke or two.

Highlights and lowlights in our battle: Donny and I missing a few easy birdies, some by lame putting, others by wind picking off the disc in mid flight. Donny hitting a long flick approach on 18 for a downhill breathtaker for par. I'm guessing it was a 60 or 70 footer all the way left until it just banked and crashed the chains. Excellent.

I like this challenge idea. Where else can you shoot your worse round in 2 years and still jump up 7 tag spots? Ugh. I played like doggy doo.

Not many highlights in our group except some pretty good long putting by Dave. On 18, both Dave and I crushed our drives down the hill within 50-60 ft of the pin but in the woods to the right. Then of course we both blew our approaches and left ourselves long comeback putts. Dave 4, me 5. Ack!

It was great to see Arty and Tim show up just to buy a tag even though they couldn't stay to play. Now that is support. Thanks guys.

We also bumped into Chris and his younger brother Charlie on 16 and they finished their round with us. Chris is a local guy stationed at Devens. It's great to see some military guys using the course finally.

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luke said...

Good times yesterday! I started off hot (for me, anyway) but then let it slip away after hitting an early tree on holes 6 & 7. Just as Donnie kicked his game into high gear!! I was never able to really get it back together after that.

Really looking forward to next week. Maybe I'll get on your card John and I might possible talk to you as well! 7:15 is late for this early riser and I really had to scram out of there.