Thursday, July 03, 2008

Attack of the Killer Mosquitos

After a 45 minute rain delay, five of us hit the Hill for a fun round of golf, complete with a ton of mosquitoes who were enjoying the post-rain humidity and fresh meat walking the course. Yum.

John, Arty, Ken, Ed, Josh

Arty started off on fire, but it was Ken who lit it up last night to take home the number 1 tag, tying his personal best of 58. I had some "fun" with trees on pretty much every drive and was neck and neck with Ed H for most of the round. Josh has a beautiful drive on 12 but clanked his birdie putt! So close!

  • 1 Ken 58
  • 3 John 62
  • 6 Ed 62
  • 24 Arty 64
  • Josh 67 (no tag)

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