Thursday, July 10, 2008

WW Results

On an extremely humid night and after two really crappy bogeys to start, I bounced back to shoot a personal best of 53 (-1) to reclaim the #1 tag last night. Shot of the night was a crazy 200-ft skip-birdie on hole 12. We saw it curving down the hill and lost sight of it behind a tree. Then we heard "crash" into the chains! Damn, was it beautiful. Definitely my longest birdie ever.

New bagtagger Dave won a CTP (glass) and Pete N won yet another CTP also (hat).

Here are the results:
  • 1 John 53, 3
  • 2 Dave 58, 2
  • 3 Ken 63, 1
  • 8 Pete 63, 12
  • 12 Dave, 68, 25
  • 15 Rob, 69, 8
  • 18 Luke, 70, 15
Rob checks out the new kiosk on tee 1 built by Dave James

Can you find Rob?

Ken takes the high road on hole 8

Marty McThumber played a few holes tonight

Don't mess with Marty

We met Jeff M who said he just shot a personal best. Nice job!


Dylan said...

How's it going guys. Just found a map of the course on course and this is my first time visiting the webpage. I've been recently introduced to the world of disc golf, and it has been keeping me coming back to devens every chance I get (which has only been 6 or 7 times). However, in only playing these select amount of times, I did manage to drop what may likely be my favorite leather jacket. I am very glad, however, that someone (or 'some thumb') has found it and given it what apears to be a great new home. For a quick history lesson, I picked the "Shut up and Hold on" keychain almost 4 years ago in Tennessee on my way to the Bonaroo music festival. After coming with me to see some amazing concerts, it has been a staple on my camelback zipper ever since (which also happens to now be my disc bag/beer dispensery). And the rest is history.
Just wanted to give the lucky new owner some history on the little guy, and express my sincere joy in having him find a new home.
Just Hill It.
Dylan Parker-Roach - Groton, MA

Woof said...

Hey Dylan, thanks for shedding some light on the jacket. I thought for sure Ken and Barbie had played a round.

I think we still have it, so send me an email or come to the WW on Wed 5:30 and we'll get your beloved leather jacket back to you.

- John

Woof said...

That's devensdg at