Sunday, July 13, 2008

A kinder, gentler, more rewarding Hole 4

Hole 4 just got a little more friendly, fair, and rewarding for those that throw straight and long off the tee. After a few experienced golfers I respect commented a few weeks ago that accurate drives were being punished by the many guardian trees in front of the basket, I saw their point and decided to thin it out some.

In a bizarre accident, Donnie was speared through the skull by a basket flag

There was also a larger pine tree just past the midway rock ledge that was really just blocking the fairway, so after much hemming and hawing, I decided to take it down. Wow, what a difference it has made -- it's like a 3-lane highway now. :)

Now you'll get rewarded for a good drive and you'll be in position to deuce the hole, although it is still a challenging putt up and over the final rock ledge. But the secret to success still remains the same -- throw straight and stay on the fairway.

Donnie and I also installed 3 more tee box front board things on 3, 6, and 15. We tried to put one on 5, but hit a ton of rocks.

There were a handful of golfers out yesterday morning and early afternoon. I bumped into John K. with his son and nephew; two other guys from Westford; the Life is Good Guys who were on their third round of the day; and Glen R. who I hadn't seen since Sugarbush last summer. Great to see everyone out there!

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