Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Can an indoor disc golf course be that far behind?

If you happen to be in the Netherlands in 2010 and want to play some indoor golf, go here.


10Down Disc Golf said...

It's already here. 10Down Disc Golf has been playin INDO DG for 4 years. We cleaned out a large hay barn and several attached out buildings, contoured fairways with paintball nets, and placed unique obstacles in just the right places to make shots challenging, yet applicable to the outdoor setting.
Here is a video from a few years back. We'll be releasing a new video of our 2011 King of INDO event set to be contested on April 6th.
Check back soon.the future is here.

10Down Disc Golf said...

As promised...
17 entered but only one was crowned...
the KING of INDO 2011.

Bennett Disc Farm had over 400 peeps play
it's 9 hole INDO Disc Golf course during the winter months
of 2010-2011. This is the trailer for the Finals.
stay tuned for the full action video in the upcoming days until then...
Enjoy sum INDO trailer action.

Anonymous said...

you guys rock! indoor is legit