Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trip report: Burr Oaks Grove (Green Lake, WI)

Devens regular Donnie Disc Golf hit the road last week for a family vacation and has filed this trip report:

Fresh off a Midwest vacation trip, I'd like to offer up a great big shoutout to all the terrific folks at Burr Oaks Grove Disc Golf Course on the shores of majestic Green Lake in Wisconsin. These people really know how to treat people right!

As advertised, this meticulously groomed 27-hole course offers a great challenge to even the most experienced golfers. There are three terrific water holes, not including the river holes, and among these is the signature 333' water-to-willow par three that has claimed an innumerable number of discs.

Travelers to the Milwaukee or even the Green Bay area would do themselves an injustice to miss out on this must-see tour stop. When you make your reserved tee time, be sure you bring your 'A' game as Pat and cousin Justin are sure to be nearly unstoppable with their off-the-chart (never miss) 30' plus jump putts, laser sharp drives, and pinpoint layups.

Be sure too to bring some New England spirit and friendship, as I was met with unmatched generosity and hospitality.

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