Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crappy music plagues the WW

A record twelve bag-taggers were forced to listen to some really bad music tonight coming out of the Shriver Job Corps next to the course. Quality songs with lyrics like "I want a lap dance, give me a lap dance. You're a lap dancer" and a bunch of crappy Spanish rap floated over the back nine, making for some interesting mini dance moves before and after some putts.

But anyway, back to the golf. Dave J reclaimed the #1 tag with a snazzy 56, followed by Ken also with a 56, and Donny with a 57.

Lots of CTPs and CTTs were up for grabs tonight donated by Pete (Meow sticker), Prime Discs (water bottle), Marcy (bag of caramels), and the course (an '07 Ace Race disc).

  • 1 Dave J, 56, 2
  • 2 Ken, 56, 3
  • 3 Donny, 57, 5
  • 5 Luke, 58, 18 (Great job Luke!)
  • 8 Mike C., 59,13
  • 10 Jim, 60, 10
  • 12 John, 62, 1
  • 13 Arty, 62, 24
  • 14 Pete, 65, 8
  • 18, Josh, 67, 14
  • 24, Dave, 69, 12
  • 26, Mike, 69, 26
CTPs: Mike C (water bottle), Donnie (Ace Race disc), Arty (caramels)
CTT: John (Meow sticker)

A full moon rises above Devens

Ken, Dave, Dave, Pete

The Bobka Clan

Tonight's tags

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DiscGolfDonnie said...

If an ace goes "ching" in the forest and there is no one there to hear it except donniediscgolf who was attempting to golf out of the morning funk he found himself in after witnessing and being outplayed by an outstanding 'stellar' round performance put on by bro-in-law Dave can it still make it onto the blog?

Matched your one ace throw on 9 Dave but not your score...missed tying that by one!